Lip Augmentation and Lip Lift in Albuquerque

If you’re considering lip augmentation in Albuquerque, you may wonder what your options are. Lip augmentation can be done with either fillers or implants, and each approach has pros and cons.

Lip lifting is a surgery performed by removing a strip of skin just underneath the nose and lifting the lip to fill the defect. The result is a subtle lift to the upper lip, which gives it a fuller, more youthful appearance similar to using filler.

Fillers Vs. Implants Vs. Lift

Fillers are generally less expensive than implants and can be injected relatively quickly. However, fillers may not last as long as implants, and you may need more frequent touch-ups.

Conversely, implants are more expensive up front, but they typically last longer than fillers. Lip augmentation surgery is also usually a relatively quick and easy procedure.

Lip lift, on the other hand involved cutting away skin and suturing the lip. This is performed in the office using a combination of oral and injected anesthetic.

Ultimately, your best lip augmentation approach will depend on your time and desired results. Be sure to consult with a qualified plastic surgeon to discuss your options and choose the best lip augmentation treatment for you.

Ready To Begin?

Contact Dr. Ryan Kunkel in Albuquerque today to learn more. Dr. Kunkel is detail-oriented and believes in high standards when it comes to cosmetic surgery. He strives for results that are subtle, natural, and transformative. This makes him an excellent surgeon to consider for your lip augmentation procedure in Albuquerque.