Body Lift Albuquerque

A body lift is a type of surgery that helps improve the body’s shape and appearance. It can be used to address several concerns, including loose skin, excess fat, and stretched-out muscles. Commonly performed after massive weight loss, it is one of many plastic surgeries performed by Albuquerque plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Kunkel.

Body lift is like a tummy tuck that extends onto the back. As with many plastic surgery procedures, in these cases, you are trading excess skin for scars. This is an acceptable tradeoff for many patients who would like to feel better and look better in their clothing. It can also help people get back to living a healthy lifestyle and maintain their weight loss.

Body Lift Surgeon In Albuquerque

Dr. Ryan Kunkel is a plastic surgeon who specializes in body lifts. He has extensive experience helping patients achieve their desired results.

Dr. Kunkel can customize the body lift procedure to address each patient’s specific needs. During the consultation process, Dr. Kunkel will work with you to develop a treatment plan that meets your goals.
If you are unhappy with your body shape or appearance, a body lift may be right for you. Contact Dr. Kunkel’s office today to schedule a consultation to learn more about this procedure.